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Customer comments........

You have an awesome sight, and your warehouse of goodies would make me drool to see in person. I absolutely love the Old School era in skateboarding. This new stuff does nothing for me! I look forward to doing business with you again. WA

Hey, thanks for the fantastic service. I got the items already this morning. I'll get the stuff mounted tonight so I can go riding on my new deck and take advantage of the last nice days of the year. Sorry I was such a hassle. Your help was much appreciated. IL

I just wanted to drop a line and let you know how much I am enjoying my new board. Everything came even better than I expected. You guys are truly the best. You cut no corners and your prices are damn reasonable.......Thanks again. You are going to get a strong recommendation to all my friends. CO

Thank you for keeping an old school skater on the street. Your website brings me and my brother back to another time. OH

Thanks for my order. It arrived safe and sound today. Hey, that was real quick. I'll be telling other people about you guys because I'm so impressed about the value, ease of ordering, and quick shipping. Cheers again mate.  Australia

Your site rules! I skated w/ Hawk, Staab, Jesse Fritsch, Ken Fillion, Max Schaaf and some friends this weekend...Staab was killing it! TX

I just got my order today and am very happy - not only the fact that I was still able to get this stuff, but that the service was great. I got my order in a week. Thanks guys. APO

I received my order, lovingly packaged... and I really appreciate the care y'all took to insure it's safe arrival. I will definitely be doing more business in the future, as you are the example for others to emulate in terms of service...and your site is designed in a way that is easy to use...Skate On. Thanks!

Hey. You guys are the best...Thank you for your super fast service...

I just wanted to drop you guys a note to say that I have been having absolutely terrible luck with on line merchants lately...I have been delayed, ripped-off and annoyed over and over. In contrast, your website is very smooth and I got everything I ordered in a very timely way. I also appreciate that you do not charge until the items ship.

Ozzie...You da man! I got my stuff and it's all perfect. You run a first class operation.

I received my order of the Mountain Family and Barbee Ragdoll on Tuesday.
the fastest that I have ever gotten something! The decks are beautiful and
everyone I know loves them.

You guys are great! You have the best site on the web.

The Lucero Street Thing, Indy's and Rat Bones made for a kick ass combination. It was very similar to the set up that I used at Winchester skate park in the mid 80's. I now ride at the Van's skate park and you would not believe the response I get when people see it. One guy told me that it should be hanging on my wall because it's a classic and could not believe that I might actually scratch it. CA

Kudos to your site...Wicked smooth.

Man, thanks so much for the awesome service. Thought I'd mention you out-performed that other old stuff site in all areas.. faster turn around and shipping - better packing - condition of items - prices - descriptions - selection - color choices. So keep up the good work. You're the best. I'll be back for more. SC

I wanted to compliment your web site. This is the best skateboarding related web site I have yet come across.

You rock!! I have been looking for you for years. Thank God I found you. I have been forced to SK8 this freestyle board. Don't get me wrong. they are nice and all but give me a tank and I'm happy.

I got my order yesterday!! You da man!!! I want to order more, but my wife will kill me. I need to space out my orders so I can live (my wife is very dangerous).

Awesome site guy, the best skate site on the web, not just old school, but skating in general. The selection is mind boggling, and the shipping is even better, I ordered on a Sunday with Monday being a holiday and still got the goods on Thursday. Your product is impeccable and brings back the days when the deck was bigger than the plywood used in the ramp. As I opened my refound youth in a box, my 8 yr old replied "what's that?" my come back, "This is what Hawk and Cab rode when they were nobody's". Thanks for the history lesson Oz. FL

I just want to say you guys have killer support and I really appreciate how you treat people. I'll tell all my friends....Sorry about the order, and thanks for double checking with me...most people wouldn't. I'll be back.

and some comments from the ladies......

By the way, you have an awesome site. Keep up the good work.

I would like the gray t-shirt. This was the fastest, easiest on line order I have ever done! KS

Size doesn't matter...color is more important.