International Ordering Information

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Please note that when you place an order, the shipping amount shown on your order is for US continental shipping. Out of US shipping, the rates will be higher and your order amount will be modified to reflect the higher charges.

We prefer to ship all international orders by US Mail. We use Priority Mail International.  The options are:

US Regular Mail takes 5-10 days and insurance is an added cost. Some orders over 6 pounds may be able to ship cheaper in Priority Mail Flat Rate boxes.

Priority Mail
Flat Rate Medium Box can ship up to 20 pounds for a flat rate of  $51.55 for Canada and Mexico, or $86.40 for all other countries. There are 2 Medium Flat Rate Box sizes:  13.625" x 11.875" x  3.375" and 11.00" x 8.50" x 5.50". Most everything we sell will fit into the Flat Rate boxes except a skateboard deck and rails.

A large Flat Rate Box size is: 12.25" x 12.25" x 6" and is for Canada: $67.05. Other Countries: $109.15.
Please note that our web site does not calculate the international shipping charges. The shipping that is calculated when you place an order on our web site is for US shipments only. International rates are much higher and vary from country to country.  The  actual shipping charges are added to your order when it is ready to ship.

To get an estimate of what your shipping costs will be......

Go to
Click "Calculate Postage"
Click "Calculate International Postage". 
Select your country from the drop down menu.
Select "Package" and enter the weight.

The following weights can used as a guideline:
1 deck = 4 1/2" pounds
4 decks = 16-18 pounds
1 set of trucks = 2 pounds
4 wheels = 3/4 - 1 1/4 pounds
1 complete skateboard = 8 pounds

We have a $50 minimum on international orders.

Shipping charges do not include any customs or duty charges that may be incurred. They vary from country to country.  We cannot fudge invoices for customs purposes, so don't ask.

Also, be aware of the exchange rate between the US$ and your country's rate.

Payment can be done with a credit card or with PayPal. The card will be charged in US dollars. The card is not charged when the order is submitted. The card is charged when the order has been processed and is ready to ship. If PayPal is an option for you, please read the Payment Options link on the web site on how to use PayPal on our web site.