SINCE 1999!
...and we still have a few things left...

Hi guys.

Just a note to let you know that this old-schooler is heading back out over flyover country to get to the mountains to drop-in and get a few more runs in the spring snow.

So, any orders received after 1:00 PM CT Wednesday  2/1/23 will not be shipped until I return. I will start shipping orders again on Wednesday, 2/15/23

Thank you for your continued support......


Since 1999

Skateboarding is booming right now! Just like the 80's !!!

Please note

All of the products that we sell are new. They are products made in the 80's that have been in storage.

Be advised that what we have left is about 5% of what we started with.

Please note that this an "old style" website and may not work well on your phones or pads.

If you are an out of USA customer, please read our Out of USA shipping here.

Minimun order: $25.00. Orders under $50.00: $3.00 charge.

To Visit the web site.....
GO to "Master Index" Page.

Due to the Covid, the sale of 80's classic decks was been put off until now!
Most decks have the original shrink wrap on them.

The sale is now on.....

Some of the classic 80's decks and a few wheels from the vault are on sale.
The prices will be based on the current market prices.

GO to "Master Index" Page.


And how about a set or two of these little fellows........

They are only $395.00 for a set of 4.