We have a special assortment of Powell promotional assembled skateboards.

Please note: The decks on these assemblies may be less than perfect. These are not manufacturing defects, but a result of being in storage. If you are looking for collector quality decks, do not buy these decks. If you are looking for an old school setup that is reasonably priced and not fussy about a "perfect" deck, then consider one of these assemblies. Some of the imperfections might be:

        Cosmetic blemishes. 
        Graphic blemishes
        Minor dings, scratches or smudges.
        Minor "stress" cracks in the wood. 

These decks are only sold as completes.  No deck only sales.

Click here for an example of a deck with stress cracks.

Click here for a view of the top of the deck.

pecial promotional decks  were assembled by Powell. They are all original
production. No re-issues.

They include:

        Powell deck
        Generic 9" trucks
        Powell wheels
        Full precision bearings
        2 piece die-cut grip tape

Special Promo price:    $99.95-$129.95

Available with the following graphics:

Ray Barbee Ragdoll Playing Cards                 Sold Out!

9.75 x 30.00


Lance Mountain Family       

9.75 x 29.50


Steve Saiz Feathers -

9.75 x 29.75


There are no wheel choices with these assemblies.